Code of Conduct

  • Student should habitually be clean and neatly dressed. Permission should be taken to enter the class if anyone is not in proper uniform for any valid reason.
  • Student should be punctual and disciplined. They are answer able to the school authorities for their conduct even outside the school.
  • No act of indiscipline, insubordination, interference in the administration, disrespect to any teacher, disrespect to any religion or community by any student shall be tolerated and the delinquent may even be expelled from the school.
  • Students should treat every teacher and elders wherever they meet them with respect and courtesy.
  • Scratching school furniture, writing or drawing lines on the wall etc. and using filthy languages must be avoided with utmost care.
  • Only one should be allowed to leave the class for toilet and drinking water at a time. It should be discouraged in 1st period. No student shall loiter in the yard or corridor during class hours.
  • Students should always behave in a cultured manner, as the school is judged by their conduct.
  • Text books, note books, pencils, pens etc. should be brought to school regularly.
  • Perfect silence should be maintained by the pupils inside the class room as well as within the school campus. During recess students should spoil the sanctity of the institution by breaking the silence and peace.
  • The school is not responsible in any way of the articles or money lost. It is advisable not to bring valuable articles in the school.
  • The students should always co-operate to keep their class room and school premises clean.
  • Students should not accept any article or thing from any unknown person on the way to school.

General Rules

  • The leave of absence should be applied for separately to the Principal though Class Teacher.
  • A pupil who has been absent from class for more than three days may attend class only after leave of absence has been granted by the Principal in the leave absence record.
  • During break-time , pupil shall not be allowed to go out of the school premises or compound.
  • Pupils who don't have at least 75% attendance may not be allowed to appear in the examination.
  • Books, Newspapers, Periodicals, Comics mobile etc of an objectionable or distracting nature shall not be brought into the school premises. If found , these will be confiscated and the students will be punished.
  • Students are advised to use their home address for all mails directed to them.
  • Any damage done to school building or furniture by the student shall be made good by the parents/legal guardians of the pupil concerned. The decision if the Principal regarding the compensation to be paid shall be final.
  • Smoking, chewing of open tobacco in and outside the school premise are strictly prohibited.
  • Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview teachers during school without the permission of the Principal.
  • No student will be granted leave after certain periods. In case of emergency, the school will notify the guardian.
  • Stealing and forging signature are serious faults and those found guilty are liable even severe punishment even if it takes place off school premises.
  • Strict silence and great reverence are expected from the students during assembly, prayer time and singing. A very serious view will be taken in case of any such misbehavior at those moments.
  • Students should not go out of class within school hour when the teacher is not in the class room.

Parents/Guardians are requested to

  • Please see that the student learn his/her lesson, done home work regularly and encourage them to participate in the various activities of the school.
  • Please take action on various circular and letters sent and attend the school when requested for in the interest of the student and school.
  • Please see that the students come to school with full uniform and maintain proper neatness along with their study materials.


  • New admissions are made to class VI and H.S. 1st year Arts and Science, depends oon the availability of seats and on the competence of the students.
  • Parents and guardians cannot dictate to the school authorities as the authorities have the right to say on what condition they will admit or retain the pupils in the institution. Please take action on various circular and letters sent and attend the school when requested for in the interest of the student and school.
  • The school fees and other dues likely to be revised at any time.
  • Only student parents legal guardian may apply for the transfer certificate at least 15 days earlier.
  • No pupil whose fees are in arrears upto a term will be given a transfer certificate. T.C. required after the new session starts will be issued only on payment of full tuition fees for the academic year.
  • No pupil will in two consecutive years in the same class shall be allowed to continue his student in the school.