Curriculum and Class Activities

The curriculum is designed for the development of the child: for the physical, cognitive, moral, aesthetic and spiritual welfare.
For the discovery and development of his/her special interests, aptitude and abilities. To provide opportunities for initiating and carrying out his/her own enterprise whenever possible.


Every pupil is expected to have 100% attendance. In case or absence, due to unavoidable reasons, parents are expected to submit a formal leave application. A medical certificate must accompany the leave application in case of illness role of parents.


The school has introduced its own dress code as school uniform.

For Boys For Girls
Shirt : White Shirt : White
Trouser : Navy Blue Fanek : Navy Blue
Shoe : Black Shoe : Black
Socks : Blue Color (Plain) Socks : Blue Color (Plain)
Badge : School Badge Badge : School Badge
Sweater : Navy Blue Sweater : Navy Blue

School Hours

10Am to 3:30PM

Registration, Admission & Withdrawal

  • Admission to classes IX to X takes place from January onwards subjects to avail-ability of seats after admission test. The school reserves the right to admit the pupil to a class suited to his level.
  • Pupils who have attended other schools will be admitted only on producing a Transfer Certificate.

Co-Curricular Activities and Work Experience

The school offers the following Co-Curricular activities. Participation in these activities is compulsory for every student.